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Echo DIN Rail Power Supply Fault Light


If the Fault Light on your Echo DIN Rail Power Supply (Part #: 7186A1212) is lit, there could be a couple things to check.

    • If you remove the Station Power Output connector, does the fault light turn off?
      • If it does, you may have issues with wiring or stations.
        • Check your wiring to make sure the Positive (+), Minus (-), or Common are not shorted together anywhere along the chain.
        • If you have confirmed wiring is proper, remove all the stations in the chain and add them in one by one until the fault light comes on.
      • If the fault light remains on after removing the Station Power Output connector, ensure you have 24VDC on the DC Power Input
        • If you do have 24VDC, then contact ETC Technical Services with the Serial Number ready.
        • If you do not have 24VDC, check to make sure your power supply is functioning correctly.
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