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Echo Devices That Can Enable or Disable Remote Record


Disabling or enabling remote record on an output product in an Echo system is not a global setting.

When the record function is disabled on an output device, that device ignores all incoming record commands. This behavior is not automatically altered in other output devices in the system. 

Devices with Adjustable Remote Record

Below is a list of devices that have adjustable remote record features.

By default, remote record is enabled

  • Echo Architectural Control Processor (E-ACP)
  • Echo Relay Panel (ERP and ERP-FT)
  • Sensor IQ
  • Sensor 3 (CEM3)

Devices with Enabled Remote Record

Some Echo output devices use remote recording to function, so disabling remote record is not an option. 

  • Echo DMX Scene Controller (EDMXC)
  • Echo Room Controller  
  • Echo Relay Controller (ERC and EDRC)
  • Echo 0-10v Controller (ELD and EDLD)
  • Echo Smart Space Controller (ESSC and EDSSC)
  • Echo Phase-Adaptive Dimmer (ELVD)


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