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MSC X Second Generation Channel Count Upgrade Procedure

Described below is the process to install a channel count upgrade on an MSC X second generation controller.

Tools Required

  • 2mm Hex Driver
  • Snips
  • Upgrade Kit


  1. Power off and remove all connections from the rear of the MSC X
  2. Remove the 12 X M3 X 8 counter sunk screws from the lid of the MSC X 
    MSC X.jpg
  3. Remove the lid and set aside
  4. Locate the existing LPC X dongle located underneath the CAT5 Ethernet cable to the right of the processor board 
    MSC X 2.jpg
  5. Cut the cable tie and remove the dongle
  6. Put the replacement dongle in place and use the provided cable tie to secure to the CAT5 cable above 
    MSC X 3.jpg
  7. Remove the tail from the cable tie
  8. Replace the lid and tighten all screws
  9. Boot the MSC X and ensure that the channel count dongle is recognized
  10. Return the unused dongle to ETC

Electronic Theatre Controls 
3031 Pleasant View Road 
Middleton, WI 53562

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