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Paradigm Occupancy Sensor and Button Station Relationship


If space lights are turned on by an occupancy sensor and someone turns them off via a button station, how does that affect the sensor actions?


There are two key concepts to keep in mind regarding occupancy sensors in this case

  • Occupancy sensors do not track the actions of button stations
  • Occupancy sensors play their occupancy and vacancy events ONLY when they first detect occupancy or vacancy
    • Occ sensor is in vacancy mode
    • Occ sensor detects motion, goes into occupancy mode, plays occupancy event, and starts countdown to vacancy
    • If motion is detected again before vacancy timeout, countdown restarts but occupancy event is NOT replayed


So, in short, turning off the lights an occ sensor has turned on via a button station will turn off the lights but not otherwise affect the sensor


  • Occ sensor plays preset 1 when it detects occupancy, has vacancy timeout of 5 minutes
  • Button station has an off button that can turn off the lights in preset 1
  • Occ sensor is in vacancy mode
  • People enter room, occ sensor detects motion, plays preset 1, starts 5 minute vacancy countdown
  • People are still in the room moving, but the off button on the station is pressed
  • The lights from preset 1 go out
  • Occ sensor continues to detect motion, keeps resetting its 5 minute countdown, but does NOT replay preset 1
  • People leave room
  • after 5 minutes without detecting motion, occ sensor goes into vacancy mode
  • if someone re-enters after occ sensor goes into vacancy, occ sensor will go into occupancy and play preset 1 again