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How to Load a Configuration File to a Paradigm Architectural Control Processor (P-ACP)


If ETC Tech Services or your ETC Authorized Service Provider sends you a new configuration for your P-ACP, these steps will talk you through how to load that new configuration file.

Steps to Solution

  1. Copy the .cfg file that was provided to you to the root directory of a FAT32-formatted flash drive or SD Card. 
  2. Insert the flash drive or SD card in the front of your P-ACP.
  3. Press the checkmark button to enter the Main Menu.
    1. clipboard_ed6f0e2a5ec48a9d9b13f1b850a613324.png
  4. Scroll down to File Operations and tap the checkmark button.
    1. clipboard_e04570bf07925aab9c53df66ee568cb39.png
  5. Scroll down to Load Arch Config and tap the checkmark button
    1. clipboard_e1c17432033feca7ce3e2cf346fa25071.png
  6. Select Load from USB Media if you are using a flash drive. Select Load from SD Media if you are using an SD card.
    1. clipboard_efa805d3f8b2f1ef9b3c315d6d54b3962.png
  7. Select the .cfg file you want to load and tap the checkmark to select it.
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