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Calibration of EOS Ti Internal Touchscreens

The internal touchscreens on Gio, Ti, Cobalt 10, and Cobalt 20 don't need to be calibrated. If the screen doesn't respond well in some regions, contact ETC Technical Services. Updated firmware and settings for the display can help this issue (this can be applied on a factory repair bench), or internal components on the screen may have experienced a failure (requiring repair). 

If the internal touchscreens have been calibrated, it is recommended that the calibration is reset. Select the screen in the Monitor Arrangement screen (Settings -> General -> Monitor Arrangement) and click {Reset Calibration}.

Calibration is still possible and may be needed for external touchscreens. For an Elo touchscreen connected to the console, use the Configure Elo Touchscreen options found in the Monitor Arrangement screen of the shell. This can also be found in the Maintenance tab of the shell.


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