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Obsession 1 CMOS Setup

To set up the Obsession 1 CMOS:

You may need to re-setup the CMOS/BIOS of the console if it boots to a CMOS or hard drive error.  The battery that maintains the memory for the CMOS may have discharged, causing the CMOS data in the console to be lost.  Use the following steps to input that data.  The battery may need to be replaced for these settings to be stored again. Please see:  /Support/Articles/Consoles/Legacy-Consoles/

Step 1: Plug monitor into the diagnostic port of console / processor.  Plug keyboard (PS1) into console  / processors.

Step 2: Boot up console, Pressing delete just after it starts running.  The message will display, "press [Del] to enter CMOS setup."

Step 3: Determine which motherboard is installed. Please see the motherboard descriptions on this page: /Support/Articles/Consoles/Legacy-Consoles/

Step 4: Select and enter the standard CMOS settings, press enter, press enter again to acknowledge warring message.

Step 5: Set the time and date.  Use the PAGE UP/DOWN buttons to select.

Step 6: Set the hard drive settings.  PAGE UP to option 47.  If your hard drive has been replaced in the last few years it is most likely 1017, 16, 0, 1017, 63.  If not, check the make and model of your hard drive and reference the attached PDF file for the correct settings.  Many consoles have a handy sticker with these settings written on it, so check for that first.

NOTE:  If you have a newer hard drive installed, it may come up with an "HDD controller failure" error as often as 1 in 10 boots.  This is normal and is a product of having a crisp new hard drive installed into a very old computer, and we can no longer source the older drives.  If this occurs, simply turn the switch off and cycle power.  If you have a tracking backup system, be sure to shutdown the other processor and boot them together.

Step 7: All other settings in the CMOS can be found by referencing your motherboard to the proper settings listed in the PDF file attached.  Only the first 3 options on the initial screen need to be modified.  The other options in CMOS should NOT be used.  Do not try to autodetect the hard drive.  Even if the autodetect works, it may not operate properly.  Be sure to use the hard drive reference or give ETC Tech Services a call for the proper settings.

Step 8: Press F10 to save CMOS settings changes and exit.  Press Y for yes at the prompt to save.

Obsession Settings for Hard Disk C.pdf

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