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ELTS Transfer Switch Not Switching Between Normal and Emergency


Perform repair work at your own risk. ENSURE ANY POWER FROM DEVICES HAS BEEN DISCONNECTED BEFORE BEGINNING ANY REPAIR WORK.  If you do not feel comfortable performing the repair work, please contact ETC or your local service center.  Be aware that ETC is not responsible for any damage or injury caused by repair or service of ETC Products by anyone other than ETC or its authorized repair agents and such damage is excluded from ETC’s warranty.

Check if the transfer switch can be manually thrown by turning the triangular handle on the bottom of the transfer switch.

If the module can be manually thrown:

- Solenoid and/or bridge rectifier may have failed. 

If the module cannot be manually thrown:

- Contacts have fused

- Transfer switch mechanism has seized

In either of these situations you may need parts replaced, and should contact an ETC Service center for further assistance.



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