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Widgets, "Needs Upgrade"


When configuring the widget in Hog PC or on a console, in the pop down box with the widget ID number may appear a message "Needs Upgrade".

Only Single DMX Widgets with a serial number beginning with 25 should need an upgrade. Super Widgets or Time Code Widgets for example will not need an upgrade.

Occasionally a newer widget with a serial number not beginning with 25, that previously worked with Hog 3 PC or Hog 4 PC will show the same message. It has lost some information and needs to have an upgrade run, in these cases it is free of charge. Follow the same procedure as a widget upgrade. This isn't too common but does happen.


  1. An upgrade must be purchased, the part number is 61040051. 
  2. The widget serial number and the widget ID number must be included in the order.
  3. When installing Hog 4 PC on a PC, in the Hog 4 PC folder will be a Widget Upgrade utility. Run this and enter the code when prompted.
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