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All TurboRay software versions

The most recent release can be found on the Effects product page at

Version Release date Fixes Download link
v0.8.7 8/16/19
  • Initial Beta release
v.0.8.9 8/29/19
  • Fixed Packet Dropping on LED Driver 1 due to timing issue
  •  Fixed DMX Value Window scrolling backwards
  •  RDM Identify not working fixed
  •  RDM Temperatures fixed
  •  Fix Pan Motor remaining on
  •  Add Shutdown Mode to LED Drivers
  •  Re-Tune LED Offsets and White Balance for Facotory settings
  •  LED Calibration Data storage fixed.
  •  Slow Dim Bug fixed
  •  Display intensity changed:  1 to 100
  •  Show Fan Speeds in Diagnostics added
  •  Added Fan Shutdown
  •  Wait and Fade fixed
  •  Tilt moved opposite of GS
  •  Defaults Menu backs out after pressing Enter now
  •  Fix Art-Net spelling
  •  Fix kHz spelling
  •  Fixed gobo Spin not working as per protocol
  •  Fixed random Color not Random
v0.9.0 9/4/19
  • Re-Curve Strobe Flash rates
  •  Re-Curve Cycle speeds and add Ludicrous fast to it
  •  Fix Artnet Delay bug
  •  Add Open Close step to Diffusion
  • Calibration Menu to set point to where a controller would for easier calibration. 
  • Re-Curve CCT Channel to 2800K to 8000K range
  •  Re-Write Red Shift for a better effect
v0.9.2 9/5/19
  •  Change CTO Channel to lookup tables plotted by measurements
  •  Improved Red Shift to almost follow a Source 4 HPL 750
  •  Enable Artnet to DMX auto transmitting
v1.0.0 9/6/19
  • First Release version
  •  Default for Artnet will now be 10.x.x.x instead of 2.x.x.x
v1.0.1 9/12/19
  • Fix interaction between DMX 1 offset value and white balance value
  • Artnet fixed on Avolites and other consoles using ArtPoleReply to patch fixtures
  • Standby causing reset fixed
  • Keep fixture out of standby when in self test and other manual operations from menu
  • Removed Red Shift temporarily until it can be improved (greyed out in menu and removed from control channel)
  • Multiple problems in random strobes fixed. More weighting ranges added (8 instead of 3)
  • Change animation to gobo
  • Fixed bug with pan and tilt homing with MSpeed in use
v1.0.2 9/19/19
  • Initial product release



  •  Changes to pixel macro's to lock out pixels 2 - 4 if all are at same 
  •  Change timeouts in menu's to prevent menu time out in self test modes or in calibration modes.
  •  Added explicit cancel to self test and calibration if "Home All" issued. 
  •  Fix text overwrite error during software upload.
  •  Update menu for software versions on one page and boot versions on a seperate page.
v1.0.5 10/24/19
  • Fixed pan and tilt misstep bug that would result in hitting the stop
  • Fixed a pan and tilt bug that could cause abrupt stops on short moves
  • Pan jerk setting reduced for pan brake removal
  • LED driver offset bug fixed
  • Fixed diffusion self-test bug
  • Added Artnet to DMX conversion
v1.0.6 12/18/19
  • Improved battery/power detection on display board to prevent random reset on Rev. B display boards
  • Fixed ArtNet bug which prevented response to universes above 255
  • Added master dimmer to macros
  • Macro synchronization fixed
  • Color and gobo scan synchronization bug fixed
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