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How to Upload Sola Series Fixture Software Using Uploader

Getting Started:

Before you can upload the fixtures you must download the correct software from:

Once you have downloaded the correct software, you will need to unzip or "extract all" from the file and drag it over to the included USB with Micro SD chip in.

You will then remove the Micro SD Card and place it inside the uploader. 


Uploading the fixtures:

  1. Using a 3 to 5 pin turnaround, plug the uploader into the fixture
  2. Power on the fixture
  3. Power on the uploader
  4. Select Mode > Browser > then select the file labeled "HYD."
  5. Scroll to the bottom and select "ok"
  6. The upload will now begin and automatically go through each packet
  7. When the upload is complete, select "reset"
  8. Unplug Uploader


Things to Note:

If you have multiple fixtures of the same type you can daisy chain them with DMX or Cat5 cable and send the upload down the entire line as long as all of the fixtures are powered on.

Be sure to check that the upload went through by navigating through the menu to INFO > Software Version > and check each packet for the correct software

You can tell the upload is happening if on the display you see numbers scrolling


PDF Instructions:

Uploader Instructions.pdf

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