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All SolaFrame 750 software versions

The most recent release can be found on the SolaFrame product page at

Version Release date Fixes Download link
v1.2.2 10/27/17
  • Initial release 
  • Dim curve options implemented
  • Iris minimum diameter increased
  • Iris drive current adjustment
  • Bug fix for Dim Curve option
v1.2.4 3/28/18
  • Bug fix for gobo position loss
v1.2.5 6/1/18
  • Bug fix for sACN data glitching
v1.2.6 6/21/18
  • Bug fix for sACN homing 
v1.2.7 11/26/18


  • Bug fix for unplugged LED thermistor reading 0 degrees 
This software has a known issue that overdrives the motors on the fixture and can cause pan/tilt to fail
v1.2.9 4/4/19
  • Bug fix for LED/Fixture hour reset
  • Added sequential homing modes with standard as default, pan first and tilt first are selectable in the display under Set > Status > P/T Home Mode Menu
v1.2.10 6/27/19
  • Bug fix for tilt homing error
v1.2.11 7/23/19
  • Bug fix for defogger mode that left the defogger on when off was selected

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