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All SolaFrame Theatre software versions

The most recent release can be found on the SolaFrame product page at

Version Release date Fixes Download link
v1.2.2 7/21/17
  • Product Initial Release
v1.2.3 10/25/17
  • Lens defogger default changed to on power
v1.2.4 1/25/18
  • Focus calibration range increased
v1.2.5 8/14/18
  • sACN glitching bug fixed
  • Macros fixed
  • Fast color scan fixed
  • Indexed color centering fixed
v1.2.6 11/7/18
  • Stuttering During Animation Rotation Reduced
  • Focus Zoom Homing Sequence Changed to Reduce Homing Noise
v1.2.7 5/13/19
  • Fix LED/Fixture hour reset bug
BLT440H 1351 V127.HYD
v1.2.8 12/13/19
  • Minimum animation rotation speed increased to prevent warping
  • lens defogger default changed to OnOp
SolaFrameTheatre V128.HYD
v1.2.9 9/10/20
  • Macro PLayback bug fixed
SolaFrameTheatre V129.HYD

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