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All SolaWash 2000 software versions

The most recent release can be found on the SolaWash product page at

Version Release date Fixes Download link
  • Fix for homing bug
  • Self test added to menu system
v3.0.12 4/2/19
  • Tilt homing routine changed to decrease noise during homing
v3.0.13 4/25/19
  • LED/Fixture hour reset bug fixed


v3.0.14 8/16/19
  • RDM description bug fixed
  • Encoder timeout feature added
  • Dimming modes added to SET > Dimming Mode                                   Mode          Rise time      Fall time
       Standard        0s              0s
       Mode 1          1s              1.1s
       Mode 2          1.4s            1.5s
       Mode 3          1.5s            1.8s
       Mode 4          1.7s            1.9s


v3.0.15 10/17/19
  • Fixed a display bug that left the display energized when power was removed from the fixture
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