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How to get gel DMX values for ETC fixtures--old


I need to get DMX values for certain gels to mix colors on a third-party control device with ETC fixtures.


  1. Download (and install) the latest ETCnomad software for PC or Mac from the Eos Software download page
  2. Patch the desired fixture(s).
  3. Open the Colorpicker (Tab 27).
  4. Select the patched fixture(s) / channel(s).
  5. Choose a gel manufactuer swatchbook ( e.g. "Lee" or "Rosco Supergel" ) and click on the desired gel number, for example " L165 ".
  6. Open the "About" window either by pressing the [ABOUT] key on the physical or virtual facepanel or by typing "Y" on your ETCnomad PC / Mac keyboard.
  7. The DMX values are now displayed in the "DMX" column.

    If you need to view more than one channel's DMX values at once:
  8.  Looking at the channels in the LIVE tab (Tab 1), the color parameters are showing "G L165" which stands for "Gel Lee 165". To view the DMX values behind it, press and hold [ABOUT] & [LIVE]. Double-clicking [LIVE] will latch this view.
    The shortcuts in ETCnomad are "Y" for [ABOUT] and "F1" for [LIVE].

    Example picture:

    Colorpicker DMX values.png

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