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Draft vs Release sACN


While most ETC products communicating via Net3 use Released sACN, older Net3 products may still be using an older version of sACN: Draft.

Draft sACN preceded Released sACN. Once Released sACN was developed and introduced, ETC products that supported Draft received software updates to support Released. Net3 products developed since then support Released.

Devices using Draft will not communicate with devices using Released, and vice versa.

Eos Family and Cobalt Family consoles can support either Draft or Released sACN, which can be assigned in the Network portion of the shell settings under Output Protocols.

Software versions that added support for Released sACN:

  • CEM+ v3.1.1
  • Net3 2/4 port gateway v3.0.0 (v3.1.0 and up defaults to Release rather than Draft)
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