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All Lights Stuck to Full on my AAS (Analog Address System)


After a lightning storm, all my lights are stuck at full.


During lightning season, ETC has seen a number of systems that get zapped and toggle the worklights on.  Customer will call in and cannot get the lights to go off.  Problem is that no worklight station was ever installed but the patch has all dimmers assigned to worklights.  You can 'Jump' a wire on the worklight circuit to turn them off.  But there is an easier method by using the keys in Monitor mode.

In Monitor Mode:

[Dimmer Up] Toggles Worklight circuit
[Dimmer Down] Toggles Panic circuit
[Edit Up] [Edit down] toggles through the 8 take control lines

After the worklights have been toggled off, you need to correct the patch and remove all worklights from each dimmer.  The procedure is denoted in the user manual.

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