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Linking Devices to Multi-Channel Controllers


Echoflex ELED2 and ELED3 products have multiple channels - how do you link a device to a specific channel?


The multi-channel controllers have on-board LED indicators that can output three colors. The colors define which channel is currently in link mode and also relates to the wiring harness specific to the each channel.

For example: If the red LED is blinking once per second then channel 1 is in link mode and the output with the red stripe will be oscillating, dimming the lights up and down.

ELED2/3 LED colors:

Channel 1: red

Channel 2: green

Channel 3: blue (ELED2: channel 3 on the ELED2 does not have a physical output or wire associated to it. This is referred to as the CCT set point channel)

Refer to the controllers documentation to understand what type of device each channel will support for a specific controller.


  1. Press the controllers LEARN button once. The red LED will start blinking once per second.
  2. Press the LEARN button again for channel 2 and again for channel 3. 

The controller will exit learn mode with another button press of after 30 seconds of no activity.

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