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Using an Echoflex Magnetic Contact Sensor with an Occupancy/Vacancy Sensor


What is the expected behavior of a space with an Echoflex Magnetic Contact Sensor (MC-31) in conjuction with an Occupancy/Vacancy Sensor?


Hospitality Applications of the MC-31 and occupancy sensor allow these two units to work together with an Echoflex controller that both units are linked to.  When the controller is used in a hotel or dormitory setting, it is typically linked to a keycard switch station or to both an entry door sensor and an occupancy sensor.



The occupancy sensor is used to monitor occupancy, not to turn lights OFF. Each time the door is opened and closed and the sensor detects motion, the room locks into an occupied state. If the door opens and closes, but no motion is detected before the occupancy auto-OFF timer expires, the room resumes an unoccupied state. If an occupancy message is sent when the room is in an unoccupied state, the room will lock into an occupied state until the entry door opens and releases the lock