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Echoflex Devices Will Not Manually Link


Echoflex devices will not link via the standard manual button presses.

Description/Explanation of Issue

Possible culprits include: 

  • Not having the controller in LEARN mode
  • Distance and/or wireless interference
  • Internal issues with one or both devices

Troubleshooting Steps/Solution

  • Make sure the output controller is in LEARN mode when linking.
    • When a controller is in LEARN mode
      • the 'power' LED will toggle on and off and the 'learn' LED will stay illuminated.
      • the load itself will blink on and off.
  • Bring the devices closer together with no barriers like walls and try again.
    • If this works, adjust installation locations or enable signal repeating on an output controller that is closer to the control device.
    • Installation guides provide tips on best positioning practices for solid communication.
  • Try linking each device to another device nearby to narrow down if one or the other is not working.
    • Once linked to the test device, you can unlink by repeating the link steps a second time.
  • Clear the output controller via the [CLEAR] button and try linking again.
    • NOTE: This will clear all links AND custom configuration.
  • Check visible device antennas (orange wire) to verify they have not been damaged or cut.
    • If the antenna is damaged or cut, the unit must be replaced.
  • Mitigate any unnecessary wireless interference from other devices.
  • If none of these steps resolves the issue, likely one unit has internal damage and will need to be replaced.
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