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Electronic Theatre Controls Inc

Unison Aero vs Echoflex


What is the difference between Unison Aero and Echoflex?


Echoflex product sold by ETC was originally re-branded as Unison Aero. Over time, the decision was made to revert to the original brand name. Since 2016, the Unison Aero line has been discontinued and all Echoflex product is labeled as Echoflex, regardless of whether it is sold by the company Echoflex or ETC.

Notes to keep in mind:

  • Unison Aero and Echoflex products are compatible as long as they both use 902MHz radios (see next note).
  • A change in radio frequency occured during the Unison Aero era, around October 2014.
    • Older Unison Aero products have 315MHz radios
    • Newer Unison Aero products have 902MHz.
    • All ETC- sold Echoflex products have 902MHz radios.