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Can I Assign Multiple Thresholds to One Echoflex Demand Response Interface


Can I assign multiple thresholds to a single Echoflex Demand Response Interface (ERDRI) so it caps different controllers at different levels?


Yes and no. The ERDRI supports 4 configurable threshold level OPTIONS (70/75/80/85% by default), but you can only have one of those levels assigned/active at a time. The purpose of the multiple level assignments is to allow the user to easily change to a different threshold by tapping the [SELECT] button instead of having to reprogram the level every time.

If you want a controller to go to different thresholds at different times, you will need to do one of the following:

  • assign the different threshold options at the ERDRI and manually update what threshold it should reference using the [SELECT] button whenever needed
  • set up multiple ERDRIs and associated contacts to trigger at those preferred times (see the referenced article below)
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