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Comparing Echoflex Contact Interfaces


There are several Echoflex Contact Interfaces, what does each one do so I know which one I need?


Echoflex Contact Output Interface (ERCOI)

  • Allows Echoflex controls (switches/sensors) to trigger 3rd party contacts
  • Echoflex output device (hint: LEARN button)
  • Wirelessly link to Echoflex switches/sensors
  • Configure interface channels as Echoflex outputs (how they will react to signals)
  • 4 independent dry contact channels
    • Each channel has normally open (NO), normally closed (NC), and common (COM) terminals
  • Power source: 8-30VDC or 24VAC, 250mA max draw

Echoflex Contact Input Interface (ERCII)

  • Allows Echoflex outputs (controllers) to listen and respond to 3rd party contacts
  • Echoflex control device (hint: TEACH button)
  • Wirelessly link to Echoflex controllers
  • Configure interface channels as Echoflex controls (including which type of device)
  • 4 independent dry contact channels
    • Each channel has 5VDC and IN terminals
  • Power source: 8-30VDC or 24VAC, 250mA max draw

Echoflex Universal Input/Output Interface (UIO)

  • Blend of both the ERCOI and ERCII functionality
    • 2 independent output channels, 2 independent input channels
  • Outputs
    • Wirelessly link to Echoflex controls
    • Configure interface channels as output devices
  • Inputs
    • Wirelessly link to Echoflex outputs
    • Configure interface channels as control devices, including custom commands
  • Each contact channel supports 0-10VDC or 4-20mA contacts
  • Power source: 9-24VDC or 24VAC, 200mA max draw

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