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Echo Echoflex Interface Cannot Be Configured via Software


I cannot configure the Echo Echoflex interface (EEI) in Garibaldi or other pre-commissioning software.

Description/Explanation of Issue

This is a known bug in EEI software v3.3.4, released on April 29, 2021. EEI software v3.3.5 resolves this issue, and is available to download for installation via UpdaterAtor.

Please note that while EchoAccess can see the Echo Echoflex Interface, it does not support configuration of the device it at this time. This is a feature that has not been developed yet, as opposed to a bug. This bug only pertains to software like Garibaldi.


Update the unit to v3.3.5 using UpdaterAtor and a microUSB or manually configure the unit. The user manual walks through manual configuration, as does this helpful article.


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