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Can I Change the PIR or Audio Sensitivity of my Echoflex Occupancy or Vacancy Sensor?


What is the default PIR (and audio) sensitivity of my Echoflex Occupancy or Vacancy Sensor, and can I change that sensitivity?


By default, the PIR sensitivity is high and the audio sensitivity level is automatic. These levels can both be cahnged via the tests menu of the sensor.


  1. Press and hold the [Teach] button for 6 seconds to enter the tests menu. A GREEN LED will begin to blink.
  2. Tap the [Teach] button until the RED and AMBER LEDs are both blinking. This is the sensitivity option (and occupancy timer for dual tech sensors).
  3. Press and hold the [Teach] button for 6 seconds until the LEDs stop blinking to activate the mode.
  4. Each tap of the [Teach] button in this mode scrolls through the current sensitivity (and timer) setting. For each setting, a different LED color will blink, and the number of blinks will indicate the current active option.
    1. PIR sensitivity: green LED
      1. 1 blink: high (default)
      2. 2 blinks: medium
      3. 3 blinks: low
    2. Audio sensitivity (dual tech only): blue LED
      1. 1 blink: automatic (default)
      2. 2 blinks: low
      3. 3 blinks: disabled
    3. Sensor occupancy timer (dual tech only): red LED
      1. 1 blink: disabled
      2. 2 blinks: 5 minutes
      3. 3 blinks: 10 minutes
      4. 4 blinks: 15 minutes
      5. 5 blinks: 20 minutes (default)
      6. 6 blinks: 25 minutes
  5. Make sure the desired object to change (PIR, audio, or timer) is selected and blinking.
  6. Press and hold the [Teach] button for 5 seconds to enter that object's menu
  7. Tap the [Teach] button to get to the desired blink pattern.
  8. Press and hold the [Teach] button for 10 seconds to accept this change and exit the menu.
  9. If you do not perform step 8 and let the mode time out (after 60 seconds of inactivity), no changes will be made.


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