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Echoflex MOS Occupancy Sensor Loses Charge Quickly When Programming

The Echoflex MOS sensor is a completely wireless device that works with other Unison Aero controls. The sensor has on-board photovoltaic panels that recharge the sensor using any light source in the visible spectrum.

For normal operation we find the photovoltaic panels give the MOS plenty of charge without any battery installed. However, during programming the charge can be depleted by repeatedly entering "Walk-Thru Mode." We recommend that installers carry a battery to supplement the MOS charge for ease of programming. 

The MOS accepts a CR2032 battery.

Steps to Install Battery

  1. Gently remove the cover of the MOS. The white plastic cover can be separated from the base of the unit.

UAOS Cover

  1. The battery slot with clip will be visible on the circuit board of the MOS. Please only use a CR2032 battery with the MOS.

Battery Close UP

Note: The cover must be reinstalled for any coverage testing. The Lens for the PIR emitter in part of the cover. When reinstalling the cover, be sure to align the Teach button hole with the button.


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