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Failed Vacancy Operation with an OWS wall switch sensor


When a OWS wall station sensor is paired to a lighting controller, the lights do not shut-off when the space is vacant.

Description/Explanation of Issue

The OWS wall station sensors include both a sensor and switch which are independent of each other. Both must be paired to the lighting controller for compete operation


  1. If the lights are operating normally with the OWS switch but not shutting off with vacancy, then the OWS sensor must be paired to the controller.

  2. Remove the OWS stations faceplate
  3. Place the controller in Link mode by pressing the controllers LEARN button.  Depending on the controller model, the relay will cycle once a second in link mode or the dimming output will oscillate between minimum and maximum output
  4. Locate the TEACH button to the right of the OWS sensor lens and press once. The controller will cease output cycling leaving the lights ONNOTE: If the output cycling has stopped and the light is OFF, the sensor was already linked to the controller and you have just unlinked it
  5. Exit Link mode by pressing the controllers LEARN button again. If you skip this step, the controller output will resume cycling for 30 seconds and then automatically exit link mode saving all changes


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