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Do I need Access to Echoflex Equipment or the ERUSB to Use Garibaldi


I want to start configuring my Echoflex system but am not in front of the installed equipment and do not have the ERUSB dongle to allow Garibaldi to communicate wirelessly. Can I still use Garibaldi?


You can use Garibaldi as an offline editor if you do not have the ERUSB dongle, which is especially useful if you already have the list of your equipment and their Radio IDs but cannot access the physical space yet. You can:

  • Manually add controllers, sensors, and switches via the Devices menu (remember you have to manually add sensors/switches even when in the space, you cannot pull them in like you can with controllers)
  • Assign Radio IDs to each devices
  • Configure the controllers

Once you are in the space, use the ERUSB to link devices and write the configuration to the controllers.

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