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Error About Required Licensed USB (ERUSB-SC) When Launching Echoflex Garibaldi


When I attempt to launch the Echoflex Garibaldi program, I get a popup with the following error message:

'Using Garibaldi requires a licensed USB Interface to be connected to the computer. Please connect the USB Interface (ERUSB-SC) and click on the Serial Ports button.'

garibaldi usb error.JPG

Description/Explanation of Issue

The ERUSB-SC is a USB device that allows the program to communicate wirelessly with Echoflex devices. This prompt means that Garibaldi does not see or is not connected to the interface.


If you are using Garibaldi as an offline editor and do not need to talk to nearby wireless devices, ignore this prompt and click okay.

If you do want Garibaldi to communicate with wireless devices:

  • Make sure the USB Serial Interface is plugged into a USB port of the PC.
  • If you have not used this specific interface on this PC before, enter the unit's license key and ID.
    • Both are located on white stickers on the unit, the key sticker says 'key' and the ID sticker has a barcode on it.
    • Navigate to Settings > Enter License Key, enter the key and ID.
  • Click the Serial Ports button in the bottom right corner of the program and select the COM port.
    • If you do not see a COM port optin, choose 're-scan' and one should appear if the previous two steps have been completed.
  • Once connected, you should see an animated signal tower and the ID of the interface in blue in the bottom right corner of the program.
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