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Using Garibaldi as a troubleshooting tool for Echoflex systems


How can I use the Echoflex Garibaldi program to troubleshoot issues with my Echoflex system?



  • Find and identify controllers
    • unlocking, finding, and identifying controllers allows you to see what controllers are nearby
  • Check configuration of specific controllers
    • Once controllers are pulled into the program, you can view how they have been configured and if they need to be changed
    • Use identify button to quickly determine circuits
  • Check default configuration parameters
    • Quick way to remember what factory defaults look like for each type of unit and what each parameter means
    • In the configuration parameters window, one column provides a description for each parameter
  • Check linked devices (and link or unlink as necessary)
  • Monitor telegrams
    • Ex: when you press a button, does the program show that telegram?
    • Can filter monitor by device ID to look at one specific unit at a time
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