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Digital Address Station Programming

DAS Station Programming:

To record a snapshot with a console and a LCD station:

  1. Bring up look on console and bring up preset page you want to record to
  2. Tap record. It will start to flash. 
  3. Hold record for a 5 count 
  4. While holding record, tap preset you wish to snapshot to.

To enable DMX In for snapshot:

  1. Go to Config menu and enter patch menu
  2. Set "DMX in start" to 1 and hit exit twice 
  3. Enter Maintenance menu and set "DMX in" to "on" 
  4. Exit and restart

If some or none of the presets will snapshot, or if a single snapshot records to several different presets:

  1. Go to Config menu and enter Room menu
  2. Select the appropriate room and the set the first and last channels as well as the first and last presets 
  3. Exit and go to Presets 
  4. Select the first preset and set the size to equal the total number of dimmers. This number is equal to the total number of channels that you set in the Room menu 
  5. Use Copy Plus to copy the size to other, subsequent presets in that room. 
  6. Repeat as necessary for the rest of system. 
  7. Set unused presets to Size "Preset Off"

**If Panic stations don't work... You have to configure them as worklights. In Patch Edit, you can set a channel/dimmer to a Panic number (1-127). Then you need to go to the "Works" section of the config editor, go to switches, choose the right station and the right switch, and then assign the work number that equates to the Panic number that you assigned in Patch Edit.


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