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Can I Record DMX Values in an E-ACP Preset?


I have a system with an Echo Architectural Control Processor (E-ACP) and a DMX source feeding into the DRd. I would like to snapshot DMX values into the Echo presets I am recording on the E-ACP. Is this possible?


If the DMX addresses are patched into the E-ACP. . . 

This will work. The E-ACP will see incoming DMX data, turn on the appropriate circuits, and since these circuits are patched to Echo zones they will become recordable by Echo presets.

If the DMX addresses are not patched into the E-ACP. . . 

An Echo DMX Scene Controller will need to be added to the system to make this work. An E-ACP in a DRd cannot output DMX, therefore the Echo DMX Scene Controller is needed to send data to DMX devices outside of the DRd. 

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