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How to save a DRd for Echo Configuration and Arch Configuration to USB

Why Should I backup my Echo E-ACP Configuration?

Keeping a backup of all your configurations is always a good idea.  It gives you a point to return to should something go wrong in your system, and allows you to easily load configurations into a loaner processor or replacement if necessary.  

It is important to do a backup whenever you are about to make a system change, like a firmware update, as well.

How do I backup my E-ACP Configuration?


Backup can also be performed to SD Media.  If you choose to use an SD Card, please choose SD instead of USB in the menus mentioned below.

  • Insert a USB into the USB drive at the front of the Echo Processor.
  • Tap Check to enter the main menu.
  • Using the wheel around the check (like an old iPod) to scroll down to File Operations.  Press Check.
  • Choose  Save Rack Configs and press Check.

Echo ACP Save Rack Config Screen.jpg

  • If you would like to rename the configuration you can do so here by appending an number other than 1 to the end.
  • Choose Save to USB Media and press Check.

Echo ACP Saving In Progress Screen.jpg

  • It will save, this can take a minute.


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