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Where to Terminate EchoConnect Wiring in a DRd Rack


Where do I land the station wiring for Echo stations in a Unison DRd rack?


The EchoConnect station communication wire lands on J4 position of the Right I/O card.  This is labeled as "LON" and is the second connector from the top of the circuit board (See image below).  This same location is used in Paradigm Systems for the station Communication wiring.  

Top of DRd Right IO Card.jpg


EchoConnect station wiring is polarity dependent.  Please be sure to land the typically black (-) wire on the "B" position and the typically white (+) wire on the "A" position.  Some older cards may only show "A" and "B" positions on the circuit board and connector instead of "A/+" and "B/-".  

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