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EchoTouch in Blackout


My EchoTouch Controller says BLACKOUT in red across the screen. I cannot control anything.  


EchoTouch does not have a Blackout Function.  Getting stuck in a blackout state is a bug in software v3.1.0 relating to the built in Timeclock fuctionality. If you have a timed event to play Space Off and you also have the Flickwarn setting enabled (it is enabled by default) you may run into this problem. 

This bug has been resolved in software version 3.1.1


Update software to v 3.1.1.  Instructions on the process can be found in the v3.1.1 Release Notes.

If updating software if not an option for whatever reason, follow these steps for a workaround:

  1. Go into Setup > Settings > Timeclock tab.
  2. Click to disable the Flickwarn function.
  3. Power the EchoTouch off and back on again to clear the Blackout


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