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Why Won't My E-ACP Assign Spaces Higher Than 1 In Dimmer Setup?


I would like to assign a circuit in my DRd to a zone in any other Space but Space 1. If I go to Dimmer Setup and change the Space on a dimmer, however, it always flashes back to 1. What am I doing wrong?


By default, the E-ACP only has Space 1 enabled. You must enable other Space numbers before assinging them to your circuits via Dimmer Setup. 

  1. Go to Arch Setup
  2. Go to Space Setup
  3. Scroll down to an Unused Space
  4. Hit check mark/enter
  5. Type the number of the Space you would like to add (1-16)
  6. Hit check mark to finish
Note-Icon.png In Space Setup the Space numbers do not need to be sequential. 
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