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Why won't the Echo Power Control Processor let me assign the sACN universe I want to a relay?


I want to assign a sACN universe other than 1 to a relay on the Echo Power Control Processor (EPCP), but it will not let me. When I type in the number I want it reverts back to the previous setting.

Explanation of Issue & Solution

An EPCP is only capable of listening to four different sACN universes. You must define which four universes it is listening to before you can assign something different. By default the rack has sACN 1 set up on slot A, with B, C, and D undefined. In the same token if the rack has already been defined in all four slots - for example with universes 1, 2, 3, and 4 - you will not be able to assign a sACN universe to a relay that is different from one of those four. See instructions below on defining sACN universes.

Setting up sACN Universes on the EPCP UI

  1. Press the check mark to enter the Main Menu
  2. Highlight {Arch Setup} and press the check mark
  3. Highlight {Network Settings} and press the check mark
  4. Highlight {sACN Universes} and press the check mark
  5. Select the Universe you want to define, press the check mark, and use the number pad to enter the desired number. Press check mark to save the setting.

Setting up sACN Universes in Net3 Concert

  1. Add the ERP to your World View
  2. Double-click on the ERP icon in your world view to open the ERP Editor
  3. In the sACN Universes section in the bottom right, double-click on the existing Universe number or "Not Used" and type in the desired number:
  4. Click OK on the ERP Editor
  5. For online networked racks send the device configuration. If creating a config offline, right-click the ERP and choose "Export ERP Config File" to save the .cfg to your computer for upload to the EPCP via USB.
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