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ERP-FT Outputs assigned in spaces 17 thru 255 do not participate in Echo Presets


Output products that use the Echo Power Control Processor (E-PCP) can have their Outputs assigned to a space between 1 and 255.  When the E-PCP is on a network, it can provide Energy Management data to a Paradigm/Conductor system (when properly configured) for Outputs in each of those spaces.  This may be useful for logically dividing the Energy Management data based on physical location, output type, or some other criteria.

ERP Outputs assigned in spaces 17-255 cannot be controlled on the EchoConnect bus via Control Products (like a button station).  They do not participate in Presets played across a network of CEM3s using those spaces 17-255.  An ERP cannot trigger presets in spaces above 16.


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