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Echo Relay Panel FeedThru (ERP-FT) Will Not Update via USB


Trying to update software and the E-PCP/E-ACP will not recognize the USB drive.


The root cause of this problem is USB drives that come from manufacturers with oddities in the disk partition table. This cannot be easily fixed in the ERP operating system, but you can re-partition a disk in order to work using the steps below.


NOTE: The steps below require a PC with administrator access.


CAUTION: The steps below use a low-level disk partitioning utility that fundamentally alters storage media. If you do not follow the instructions carefully, you may lose unintended files on your PC, which can, in a worst-case-scenario, prevent it from booting. These steps cannot be undone. Please be very careful to select the correct drive that you need to alter and no others. If you feel uncomfortable performing these steps, do not hesitate to contact ETC Technical Services for assistance.


CAUTION: The steps below will delete all files from the USB drive. If there are important files on the drive, back them up before proceeding.


  1. Run diskpart (via command prompt or Win+r/typing in start menu).
  2. Type list disk and note the disk number of the drive you wish to repartition/reformat.
  3. Type select disk 'n' where 'n' is the disk number from the previous command.
  4. Important: Run list disk and note that the drive you wish to repartition/format is selected (indicated with an asterisk). This disk will be completely erased in the next step!
  5. Type clean to remove all partitions from the drive.
  6. Type create partition primary to create the primary partition.
  7. Type select partition 1 to select the partition you just created.
  8. Type list partition and note that the partition is selected (indicated with an asterisk).
  9. Type active to set the partition as active.
  10. Type format fs=fat32 label=”your label here” quick to format the disk with your specified drive label. (The label field is optional.)
  11. Type exit to exit diskpart when it is finished.

If these steps do not solve the issue, please contact your favorite ETC dealer or ETC Technical Services.  



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