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Echo Relay Panel Feedthrough 0-10v Option Card Header Soldered Incorrectly


0-10v card/rack was damaged after connecting to 0-10v card and energizing the rack.

The white header on position J7 of the 0-10v card is installed backwards, with the prongs on the inside of the board and the white edge on the outside.

Description/Explanation of Issue

We found that in some cases, the white header (position J7) for the power/data harness on the 0-10v card was soldered on backwards. With the header backwards, landing the harness in the proper orientation will cause the connection to short once the rack is energized, damaging at least the 0-10v card and possibly other components as well.

Correct color orientation for the harness is yellow closest to the 'J7 I/O' label on the pcb.

010 Card Header Solder.jpg


If you have this issue, please contact ETC Technical Services for further instructions.

Important-Icon.png If you have installed the 0-10v card and connected the harness but not energized the rack yet, PLEASE DO NOT ENERGIZE THE RACK. Doing so can damage multiple components in the rack.


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