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Where is the "Allow Manual" Setting in ERP-FT v3.1.0?


My Echo Relay Panel Feedthrough (ERP-FT) no longer has the Allow Manual setting in the Output Setup menu after upgrading to v3.1.0.

Description/Explanation of Issue

This is expected.  This setting was removed from the ERP-FT in order to solve a software bug that could cause the system to lock relays on when it shouldn't. This only affects the ERP-FT and does not apply to the Echo Relay Panel Mains Feed (ERP) or the Sensor IQ (SIQ). 


If you need to bypass the controls of the panel to manually set a relay on or off, you will need to open the door to the relays and unplug the blue/red wiring harness connector from the Signal Distribution circuit board between the relays (see image below). Please do not pull the wires themselves.  The wires are small and can break.  

Important-Icon.png WARNING! - If panel is live, there is risk of electric shock up to 25v AC.  It is recommended to power off the control circuit before performing the above action.  If the control circuit of the panel cannot be turned off, proper PPE is recommended.

 ERP-FT Relay Control Harness.JPG

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