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ERP Mains Feed UI Says Emergency Active


There is a panic header on the I/O card of the rack that can be populated for an external emergency source to trigger the rack into emergency. There is also a toggle switch near the panic header with 3 positions: Normally Closed (NC), Off, Normally Open (NO)

If the rack UI reports 'emergency active' when powered, you are most likely running into one of the following:

  • An external source is actually putting the rack in emergency
  • The toggle switch is set to the wrong position per what is or is not landed on the header
  • the wires that were landed on the header may have come off

The best way to confirm is to power off the rack COMPLETELY, remove the paneling that covers the I/O card, and check both the header and toggle switch.

If everything checks out, put the toggle switch to the OFF position. If the rack is still in emergency, contact ETC Technical Services. 

ERP Mains Feed Installation Manual

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