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ERP Outputs Without Assigned Echo Zones are Reacting to Echo Presets


Certain outputs in my ERP/ERP-FT/Sensor IQ panel are turning off/on when I trigger Echo presets. I've made sure that no Echo Zones are assigned so why are they still being controlled by the Echobus?

Description/Explanation of Issue

All outputs must have an Echo Space assigned, by default this is Space 1. 

When a space-wide command is sent across the Echobus (i.e. activate Preset 1) any output with that space will respond, regardless of Echo zone number. 


You may not set an output to Space 0, however you can set the output to a space outside of the Echo system.

Spaces 17-255 are not recognized by Echo so there is no chance of these circuits responding to commands on the Echobus.



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