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Echo Panel and Sensor IQ Panel Becomes Unresponsive to SACN


ERP, ERP-FT, and Sensor IQ panels running firmware v3.1.1 or lower can become unresponsive to sACN sources. 

This problem is seen when incoming sACN level data changes and the internal relays do not respond to the new level data. Previously, resetting the panel would temporarily fix the issue. With the release of software version 3.1.2 for Echo Power Control Processor (E-PCP) this problem is now resolved. It is recommended that all panels experiencing this issue be updated to version 3.1.2 or newer.

Steps to Solution

  1. Save the panel configuration via file operations.
  2. Download and save Echo Firmware v3.1.2 or newer to a USB drive
    1. Firmware can be obtained by contacting an ETC dealer or by calling ETC Technical Services
  3. On the Echo panel, press the Check mark (√), navigate to "File Operations" and choose "Update Firmware"
  4. Test operation



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