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Multiple Relays/Dimmers on a Single Circuit in ERP


Can I wire more than one relay card or dimmer card onto a single circuit breaker? 


Yes.  This is not typical use of the Echo Relay Panel(ERP), but is allowed if done properly.  The terminals on the relay and dimmer cards are not rated for multiple wires to be landed in a single position, so you cannot daisy chain cards together onto a single circuit.  However, you can splice individual wires into a single breaker using an appropriate connector, such as a properly rated wire nut or WAGO connector.  (see graphic below).  
ERP mult cards on one circuit..png

There are 24 relay/dimmer positions in the ERP, matching up to the first 24 breakers also in the panel.  If one breaker is being used to feed multiple relays/dimmers, then the breakers that would normally feed those additional cards become unused and can be replaced with blanks, or used as convenience breakers that will not have remote capabilities.  

This setup will not change relay/dimmer configuration or Set levels control from the UI, as all of these controls and settings are based on the physical position of the relay in the panel, not on the breaker feeding power to it.

If you have any questions, please use the feedback feature on this page, or contact ETC Technical Services.

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