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Electronic Theatre Controls Inc

Echo Room Controller LED States

Color State Description Notes

Power LED

Blue Solid Power is OK  
Blue 3 blink pattern Software is loading from microSD card  

Station Power

Green Solid or blinking (activity) Echo Station bus is active  

DMND RESP (Demand Response)

Green Solid Demand Response Input is closed  

Contact In

Green Solid Contact Input contact is closed  

EMERG (Emergency)

Red Solid Emergency (UL924) contact is closed and/or normal sense power is lost.  
Red 2 blink pattern Bootloader mode

This indicates that the unit either has lost its software, or there was an error in the software update process.  Contact your ETC dealer or ETC technical services.

All LEDs

Same as above respectively 5 blinks then unit reboots Successful restoration of default settings.  
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