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MicroSD Cards with Echo Room Controllers and Echo-Echoflex Interfaces

The Echo Room Controller and Echo-Echoflex Interface along with several other Echo products, can have their firmware updated in the field via a MicroSD card. However there are some MicroSD cards that will not work with these two products.

In the event that this becomes a problem, ETC has a MicroSD card in stock that can be purchased. The part number for this card is: A157-F.

If you have any questions or concerns about this information, please contact ETC Technical Services.


NOTE: The above information pertains to the original Echo Room Controller (ERMC4 or ERMC8).  The Echo Room Controller Gen2 (ERMC4-G2 or ERMC8-G2) do not have this issue and should work with any MicroSD card under 32gb or smaller.

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