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Room Controller Contact In Push and Hold and Double-Tap Timing


By using the EchoAccess Mobile App, a Gen 2 Echo Room Controller's Contact Input can be configured as Maintained or Momentary, when the panel is set to Custom mode. 

When set to Momentary, you can assign a "push" action, a "push and hold" action, and a "double-tap" action.  In order to trigger these actions you would need to close the contact for a set period of time.

Explanation of Momentary Actions

Any state should be held over 100 milliseconds to guarantee it registers.

If the contact is closed for 100-900 milliseconds (less than 1 second), it is considered a "push" action.

If the contact is closed for 1000 milliseconds (1 second) or longer, it is considered a "push and hold".

If the contact is closed for a second time within 100-200 milliseconds of the initial momentary closure, this would act as a "double-tap" and perform the "double-tap" action.


See the Related Link for action options.


NOTE: This applies only to Echo Room Controller Gen.2.  The Gen 1 Room controller does not offer these options for the AV Input.

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