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How To Stop An Echo Light Sensor From Disabling Preset Playback


When I press a preset button on my button station, the lights come on for a moment and then go off. I have an Echo Light Sensor in this room that is causing this behavior. 


If the Echo Light Sensor senses that the Lux in the space is higher than the target Lux threshold, it will dim or switch off lights (depending on Dip Switch configuration) to achieve the target Lux. This is why a preset that pushes the space's Lux over the threshold will automatically be affected by the Echo Light Sensor.

Solution (v3.1.1+ firmware only)

  • Check the sticker on your Echo Light Sensor is labeled "v3.2.0" or higher. 
    • Light sensor firmware v3.1.1.367 is represented by v3.2.0 Echo protocol
  • Put the sensor into Custom mode
  • Use EchoAccess to configure the sensor's Photo Preset Inhibit
    • EchoAccess MUST be used to configure this feature
  • Follow the configuration instructions in the EchoAccess v3.0 manual [HERE]

NOTE: Any preset that is set to Preset inhibit will stay active and ignore the Light Sensor until Space Off or an un-unhibited preset is played.  Once either of these events takes place, the Light Sensor will return to its normal state. 


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