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How to wire Echo Stations


How do I wire my Echo stations into my Echo system?


Echo systems require a twisted pair of wire (Belden 8471 or equivalent) to send 24Vdc power and data to each unit. This wiring is called EchoConnect, and the runs of the wire that connects everyone is called the EchoConnect bus.

Everyone in an Echo system needs to live on the same EchoConnect bus. However, Echo systems are topology-free, which means that it does not matter how you connect each unit to the bus. You could have a run of EchoConnect go from one station to another, or you could wago it to go to three different stations. Units do not have to be directly wired to each other to talk, as the messages will pass through all units.

In addition to EchoConnect, some units need an additional 24Vdc auxiliary power. This is another twisted wire pair, but it only goes to units like the Echo Timeclock or Echo DMX Scene Controller. This is also a topology free bus.


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